• New Brunswick Neighbours Discover 42-Year-Old Message in a Bottle, Spark Community-Wide Search for Authors

Mysterious Message in a Bottle Discovered in New Brunswick

Two residents of Irishtown, New Brunswick, Chad Martin and Chris Holl, discovered a message in a bottle from 1982 while picking fiddleheads in the woods. The note, found inside a green glass bottle, read "To the finder, let me out" and included names like Mike, Charlene, Paul, Linda, and Ringo, hinting at Beatles fans. The bottle, believed to have floated down the Shediac River, featured a logo from Tower Gift World, a former local gift shop. The duo posted their find on Facebook, seeking information about the note's authors, and the post has garnered community interest and theories.

  • Earth Day Celebration 2024 New Brunswick

Earth Day 2024

That's a great overview of Earth Day! It's inspiring to see how it has evolved into a global movement for environmental awareness and action. The theme for 2024, "Planet vs. Plastics," highlights the urgent need to address the issue of plastic pollution, which poses significant threats to ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. It's crucial for individuals, communities, and governments to come together to find solutions and reduce our reliance on single-use plastics.

  • the newly-installed solar panel canopie%s behind the College Avenue Student Center are officially up and running at Rutgers University!

Rutgers University Goes Solar

These solar canopies not only provide clean, renewable energy but also serve as a testament to Rutgers' commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

  • Happy Leap Day

Happy Leap Day

Leap Day, also known as February 29th, occurs once every four years to account for the fact that Earth's orbit around the Sun takes approximately 365.25 days.

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