New Brunswick Museum

New Brunswick Museum / Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick

The New Brunswick Museum, located in Saint John, Canada, is undergoing a major revitalization project with the unveiling of its new design and the securing of nearly $108 million in government funding for its construction.

The new design for the museum includes an accessible main entrance, a multi-storey public great room, nine exhibition galleries, and flexible spaces designed for educational programs, community events, and public gatherings. The project aims to update and expand the former museum building while maintaining its historical limestone facade.

The funding for the project comes from a combination of provincial and federal sources, with the province investing $58 million and the federal government providing $49.9 million. The museum will contribute the remaining $23.7 million through an upcoming capital campaign.

The announcement of the project’s funding and design marks a significant milestone for the museum, which has been in the planning stages for over 50 years. The revitalized museum is expected to become an icon for New Brunswick and a destination for visitors, showcasing the province’s natural and cultural history for generations to come.

The project is being led by Toronto-based architectural firm Diamond Schmitt, which drew inspiration from the location’s rich history and natural landscape. The new 134,000-square-foot building will feature wood finishes, stone tile, and an abundance of natural light, with a focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The revitalized museum is scheduled to open to the public in the spring of 2026, marking a new chapter in its 182-year history as one of Canada’s oldest continuing museums.

Location: New Brunswick Museum Archives, Museum in Saint John, Canada