–     Fall Brook Falls

It’s the highest waterfall in the province with an impressive height of 33 m (100 ft). To get closer, take an easy hike on the path that leads to the Miramichi River, then a moderate hike on a short trail along the creek to the falls.


–     Grand Falls & Gorge

At Grand Falls, the calm, meandering Saint John River plummets from 23 meters (75 feet) into a 1.5-kilometer (1-mile) deep gorge. Access to this fall is seasonal, but the gorge is spectacular year-round, with hiking trails and 401 steps to the bottom of the gorge. Enjoy incredible views from different perspectives.


–     Reversing Falls Rapids

The collision of the powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy and the mighty Saint John River creates this one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon in the city of Saint John.


–     Walton Glen falls and gorge

Walton Glen, also known as “the Grand Canyon of New Brunswick,” is a high waterfall with sheer rock walls. It can be seen from a lookout on the edge of a cliff and is reached via a short trail on the Fundy Trail Parkway.