Early Start to Maple Sugar Season in New Brunswick:

Warm Temperatures Accelerate Sap Flow at Dumfries Maples

The maple sugar season in New Brunswick is off to an early start this year, thanks to unseasonably warm temperatures. At Dumfries Maples, located about 40 kilometers west of Fredericton, the sap began flowing in late February, much earlier than in previous years. According to Simon Mitchell, who works at the farm, the ideal conditions for maple syrup production include cold nights below -5°C and daytime highs around 5°C, which stimulate the sap flow through the trees.

Despite the recent warm weather, Mitchell hopes for a return to colder temperatures to prolong the season and maximize syrup production. The farm has already begun preparations in anticipation of continued warm weather, with a focus on maintaining the efficiency of their sap collection system, which includes over 5,500 taps connected by a network of tubes.

While the modern collection system is more efficient than traditional methods, it still requires regular maintenance, as animals like deer and mice are attracted to the sweet taste of the tubing. Despite these challenges, Mitchell and his team are optimistic about the season ahead and hope to extend it well into April.

Photo by: Tourism New Brunswick

Photo by: Lauren Mullaly

Location: New Brunswick, Canada

Location: Maple Syrup at Woodstock Farm Market

Published On: March 4th, 2024 /

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