Introducing Lennon Cake Co: Where Edible Artistry Meets Modern Sweetness!

Introducing Lennon Cake Co: Where Edible Artistry Meets Modern Sweetness!

Lennon Cake Co is a small cake business in Fredericton that specializes in creating unique and modern cake designs. The owner of Lennon Cake Co is Mackalee Goodman, who started her business approximately 2 years ago. She is amazed and grateful for the success it has achieved.

The journey began during the pandemic in Montreal, where Goodman, determined to bring joy to her kids’ birthdays, discovered her passion for cakes.

“I taught myself how to bake, how to decorate a cake, just so they would have something special on their birthday. Since then I’ve been baking cakes and celebrating all these parties and birthdays and I guess that’s where that started,” Goodman points.

Returning to New Brunswick in 2021, she turned this newfound love into Lennon Cake Co, quickly spreading its fame with the help of friends and word-of-mouth magic.

“Through word of mouth, it kind of blew up like wildfire,” she says. “Vendors and venues started reaching out to me [from] all over New Brunswick and I didn’t know this was going to happen, I thought I was just like a home baker but I’m so grateful that it blew up that way.”

What makes Lennon Cake Co unique is Goodman’s flair for modern and abstract designs. While kid-themed cakes are common, Goodman’s artistry caters to an older crowd, while still creating magic for children’s special moments.

“I like adding a little bit of spice to [designing cakes] and making it more unique,” says Goodman.

From kids’ parties to elegant weddings and more, Lennon Cake Co sweetens all occasions. According to Goodman, she aims to distribute her events evenly and usually conducts between 15 to 25 events every week across various locations in New Brunswick.

Goodman is the sole decorator and baker of cakes, with occasional assistance from her husband. “I’m going to need help in the future, we’ve been talking about getting an assistant to help me with social media and stuff like that,” Goodman tells.

Currently, Lennon Cake Co operates from Goodman’s personal kitchen, but she’s actively seeking a larger commercial kitchen to enhance efficiency and reduce overcrowding. The bakery offers an extensive array of treats, including round and layered cakes, cupcakes, and cakesicles, all customizable with various flavors, frostings, and fillings.

While currently accepting reservations through email and Facebook, Lennon Cake Co is working on a dedicated booking platform to simplify the process. Goodman is already open for reservations for major events like weddings in 2024 and 2025. She’s also accommodating smaller gatherings whenever feasible.

Published On: August 10th, 2023 /

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