New Brunswick’s Successful Recruitment of Internationally Trained Francophone Nurses.

New Brunswick’s initiative to welcome internationally trained Francophone nurses has been making significant strides in bolstering the province’s healthcare workforce. Marwa Channoufi, an internationally trained nurse from Tunisia who worked in Qatar before moving to New Brunswick, exemplifies the success of this program. After transitioning into a licensed practical nurse role, Channoufi is actively pursuing further education to enhance her skills and provide high-quality care to patients.

Muriel Berdat, an international recruitment advisor for Comfort Life Network, emphasizes the importance of considering the unique needs of nurses and their families when recruiting internationally. This includes factors such as spouses’ employment and children’s ages. Despite the preference for local hiring, international recruitment has proven essential in addressing workforce gaps, with around 1,400 internationally trained nurses joining New Brunswick’s healthcare sector since 2019.

Health Minister Bruce Fitch underscores the province’s commitment to streamlining the credential recognition process for new workers, collaborating closely with the Nurses Association of New Brunswick. Looking ahead, the province plans to continue recruitment efforts, with upcoming missions targeting additional countries. This ongoing initiative not only benefits New Brunswick’s healthcare system but also contributes to global healthcare mobility and collaboration.

Published On: May 6th, 2024 /

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