The Shake Shed Freddy Open Under New Ownership


Three months after the pending closure of The Shake Shed Freddy, the complex has reopened under new ownership. Jignesh and Nirupal Patel are the new owners of The Shake Shed Freddy who have taken over the business.

For the Patel family, The Shake Shed Freddy has become a memorable place since they moved to Fredericton in 2019.

The daughter of the Patel family, Vishna Patel, talked about her family taking over the business and their plans.

“We used to go there often, so we were kind of sad that it was closing. But we also heard that there was an opportunity to buy it, My parents were very excited to look into that option” she says.

The Patel family has always considered running its own business. Upon hearing of this opportunity, they thought it was the perfect prospect to get started. On January 8th, 2023, the Patel family officially announced the new ownership. In addition to the winter hours, there was an announcement stating that The Shake Shed Freddy would no longer be closing.

The vision of Patel’s family for the future of The Shake Shed Freddy is to keep it the same, the community knows and loves. However, some old favorites will be brought back.

“There won’t be any major changes or anything,” Vishna says. “The only thing that we might bring back was that The Shake Shed used to have features so we’re probably going to roll those out soon.”

According to Vishna, they intend to bring new ideas to the business eventually, although this is all they will be doing in the near future.

The Patel family is thrilled to begin their journey with The Shake Shed Freddy.

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Published On: April 28th, 2023 /

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