New Brunswick Neighbours Discover 42-Year-Old Message in a Bottle, Spark Community-Wide Search for Authors

Two residents of Irishtown, New Brunswick, have stumbled upon a fascinating mystery after discovering a message in a bottle that dates back to 1982. As Suzanne Lapointe reports, Chad Martin and Chris Holl believe the bottle drifted down from a nearby river.

A Nostalgic Find

While out in the woods behind Holl’s property picking fiddleheads, the pair noticed a piece of green glass shining in the light. Upon closer inspection, they realized it was a large bottle containing a note.

A Cry for Freedom

The note inside the bottle, although weathered and watermarked, carried a curious plea: “To the finder, let me out.” Alongside this message were names that hinted at the authors being Beatles fans: Mike, Charlene, Paul, Linda, and Ringo.

Tracing the Bottle’s Journey

Martin and Holl speculate that the bottle may have floated down the Shediac River, possibly during a flood. The note also featured a logo from Tower Gift World, a gift shop that existed in New Brunswick at the time, adding a local touch to the mystery.

Community Effort to Solve the Mystery

In an effort to uncover the origins of the note, Martin and Holl posted photos of their find on a community Facebook page. The post has generated numerous theories and responses, with some tagging individuals named Mike and Charlene and others sharing similar time capsule discoveries.

A Timeless Connection

The letter, dated May 7, 1982, was found nearly 42 years later on May 8. Holl, who was 14 at the time the note was written, reminisces about the era and hopes to uncover a good story behind the message. Martin, who wasn’t born yet in 1982, shares the excitement of potentially connecting with the note’s authors.

Ongoing Search

The two friends continue to encourage people to share tips and information on Facebook, hoping to one day meet the authors of the mysterious message and hear their story.

Published On: May 27th, 2024 /

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