A sweet story with a long history

Experience New Brunswick’s sweet culture by tasting maple syrup.

Maple syrup is a natural, original, and very delicious sweet-tasting product that can be added to many delightful edibles such as desserts, pancakes, smoothies, candies, and all kinds of cocktails.

The story of maple syrup in New Brunswick has a long history. Long before European settlers arrived, Native people were the first to collect maple sap and boil it to make syrup. French immigrants learned from them how to tap trees, collect sap in buckets, boil the syrup to make it less sweet, or save sugar slabs for later use. Today, pipes connect trees in large sugar operations.

Maple Syrup

From late winter to spring, a tree can produce about 40 liters of sap, which is equivalent to one liter of maple syrup. During the springtime, maple-flavored dishes are featured on the menus of local New Brunswick restaurants. Traditional pancake breakfasts are offered at some maple plantations, and many people welcome a visit to participate in fun activities and buy syrup. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the delicious maple flavor and eat traditional and authentic maple season dishes when you visit New Brunswick.

You can also find a wide selection of tempting maple products at farmers’ markets and independent boutiques throughout the province of New Brunswick; maple syrup, maple toffee, jam, jelly, granulated sugar, candy, maple butter, and even maple vinaigrette or barbecue sauce. Additionally, maple-based beverages are produced by a lot of New Brunswick’s craft distillers.

New Brunswick is the second biggest maker of maple syrup in Canada (third in the world) with the creation of multiple million kilograms of maple syrup each year, some of which is traded to 35 nations.

Maple Syrup

Local restaurants:

Maple Syrup

Photo by: Tourism New Brunswick

Location: New Brunswick, Canada