En Résidence television series; a new display of Connections Productions company in Shediac

En Résidence is a new television series that is currently being filmed in Shediac, New Brunswick. The show is being produced by Connections Productions, a Canadian production company that specializes in French projects. The show follows a group of students who move into a senior complex after their university dormitory burns down, exploring intergenerational conflicts with a lighthearted approach. Its focus on intergenerational conflicts is an important topic that is sure to resonate with audiences. En Résidence is a thirteen-episode television series that will air on the Canadian French channel UnisTV in September of 2024.

Over the past years, the seaside Shediac town has become a hotspot for the film industry, benefiting not only the industry but the economy of the region itself.

The production company has hired local actors and set crew to provide opportunities that can otherwise be difficult to come by. Over 110 people from various departments are employed, with 65 actors hired from within the province. However, some of the actors are from Quebec.  The historical Webster House in Shediac has been converted into a seniors’ facility for filming, and other locations include The Université de Moncton and École Mathieu-Martin.

Marcel Gallant, the co-owner and producer of Connections Productions, stated that “150 people for a few months that work in this cultural-based industry are profitable for everyone. We’ve had tons of crew move here because of that, they fall in love with the place and the New Brunswickers. It’s fun to see the new faces coming up that can rely on having a job in a few months- I think that’s important for the industry as a whole.”

Therefore, continued work has economic advantages, because many of the Connections Productions staff have relocated to New Brunswick from out-of-province. This provides job opportunities for local residents and contributes to the growth of the film industry in the region. Nonetheless, Larger projects like En Résidence rely on partnerships with the provincial government.

Overall, En Résidence is an exciting project for Connections Productions and for the province of New Brunswick…

Published On: September 6th, 2023 /

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