The World’s Largest Lobster

Behold the colossal marvel that is “The World’s Largest Lobster” in Shediac, New Brunswick, a breathtaking testament to artistry and dedication. Crafted from reinforced concrete and steel by the renowned Canadian artist Winston Bronnum, this monumental sculpture stands proud at 11 meters in length, reaching a majestic height of 5 meters and weighing an astounding 90 tonnes.

Unveiled on June 30, 1990, this iconic masterpiece has become Shediac’s most emblematic monument, capturing the essence of the town’s rich lobster fishing heritage. Winston Bronnum, celebrated for his large-scale animal sculptures, poured his expertise into creating a lifelike representation of the crustacean’s anatomy, making it not just a sight to behold but also an educational marvel.

World's Largest Lobster Shediac

Initiated and masterminded by the Shediac Rotary Club, the project took three years to complete, culminating in a work of art that cost $170,000. This local landmark has since become a focal point, drawing in a staggering 500,000 visitors annually.

The Giant Lobster stands as a photographic beacon, symbolizing Shediac’s deep-rooted connection to the fishing industry, earning the town its esteemed title as the Lobster Capital of the World during the mid-20th century. This colossal monument is not just an artistic feat; it’s a living history, a tangible reflection of Shediac’s enduring legacy in the maritime world.

Giant Lobster

Located at 229 Main St, Shediac, E4P 2A5, this giant lobster is more than a roadside attraction – it’s a community treasure. As you marvel at the intricate details of this 11-meter wonder, you can’t help but appreciate the vision behind its creation and the dedication of those who brought it to life. Commissioned as a fitting tribute to the local lobster industry, “The World’s Largest Lobster” encapsulates the spirit of Shediac – a town that proudly bears the mantle of “The Lobster Capital of the World.”

Location: Shediac, Canada
First Photo by: Emilie Iggiotti
Second Photo by: Hemmings House