Embark on a Retreat at Pinewood Escapes: A Tranquil Oasis by the Bay of Fundy

Nestled amidst twenty-three acres of lush wooded land, Pinewood Escapes offers a year-round haven for those seeking a retreat into nature’s embrace. The carefully crafted vacation rentals, positioned right on the lake, boast a plethora of amenities. Each newly built space features private year-round hot tubs, fully equipped kitchens, sumptuous king beds, and inviting fire pits.

Situated just beyond the borders of St Martins and mere minutes from ATV/snowmobile trails, Fundy Parkway, and the renowned Sea Caves on the Bay of Fundy, Pinewood Escapes promises an escape like no other. It becomes a haven where one can find solace and comfort after a day of exploration along the extraordinary coast.

In the summer months, guests are warmly welcomed to partake in the delights of the lake. Stand-up paddle boards and kayaks await your adventurous spirit, offering the opportunity to explore the tranquil waters or try your hand at fishing just outside your door. A short, scenic drive leads to miles of hiking trails and stretches of pristine ocean beaches, inviting you to savor the beauty of the season.

As winter unfolds its icy charm, Pinewood Escapes transforms into a winter wonderland. The lake is diligently plowed for enchanting ice skating, and complimentary snowshoes beckon you to forge your own wintry path through the surrounding forests.

With three distinct rental spaces, Pinewood Escapes caters to every preference. The studio units, perfect for a romantic getaway, accommodate two, while the charming cottage provides comfortable lodgings for six. For those seeking a collective escape, renting out the entire property allows up to ten guests to sleep comfortably. The ambiance is further enhanced by cozy bathrobes, fluffy towels, and the option to enjoy hot tea or a glass of wine with a captivating view – making Pinewood Escapes the quintessential place to unwind and escape from the rigors of everyday life.

The team at Pinewood Escapes eagerly anticipates sharing this unique piece of paradise with guests, where each moment is an invitation to a world of tranquility and wonder. It’s a promise of serenity and natural beauty, creating an unforgettable retreat by the Bay of Fundy.

Photo by Matt Hewitson (New Brunswick Tourism)
Location: Fairfield, NB
Website: pinewoodescapes.ca