Journey Through Time with New Brunswick’s Covered Bridges

Exploring the Timeless Charm of New Brunswick’s Covered Bridges

Guardians of History and Heritage

Get ready to be whisked away to a simpler time—New Brunswick’s covered bridges are living records of the past. A covered bridge is a timber-truss bridge with a roof and siding. These coverings extend the bridge’s lifespan by shielding it from the harsh Canadian winters. Once integral to New Brunswick communities, nearly 60 of these structures still dot the province, with Kings County, particularly the Sussex area, known as the Covered Bridge Capital of Atlantic Canada.

The World’s Longest Covered Bridge

Hartland, nestled in the Saint John River Valley, boasts the world’s longest covered bridge. This impressive 390-metre (1,282-ft.) long bridge, which opened in 1901, stands as a testament to enduring craftsmanship. It was enhanced with lighting in 1924 and a side walkway in 1945, ensuring safety and accessibility. A visitor information centre nearby offers insights into this architectural marvel.

New Brunswick’s Newest Covered Bridge

In September 2022, the Village of St. Martins welcomed a new addition to its historic landscape—the Vaughan Creek Covered Bridge. This new two-lane wooden structure replaced the original, becoming the only double-barreled covered bridge in New Brunswick and one of the few in North America. Its modern design pays homage to traditional craftsmanship while accommodating contemporary needs.

A Romantic Past

Known as “kissing bridges,” New Brunswick’s covered bridges have a romantic legacy. During the era of horse and wagon travel, young couples would pause under these secluded structures to steal a kiss, away from prying eyes. Today, these bridges still evoke a sense of nostalgia and romance. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reminiscing about days gone by as you cross these charming relics.

Scenic and Secluded

Often located off the beaten path, covered bridges are perfect for a nostalgic road trip. Traveling these secluded country roads will reward you with breathtaking scenery and hidden treasures. Embrace the journey and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of New Brunswick’s covered bridges.

Pointe Wolfe Covered Bridge

Photo by: New Brunswick Tourism
Location: Pointe Wolfe Covered Bridge

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