Fort Beauséjour – Fort Cumberland National Historic Site

Every trip you make in our province will reveal a part of our history.

You will undoubtedly enjoy touring the ruins of a star-shaped fortress significant to the 18th-century conflict between France and Britain over Acadia if you have an interest in history and culture.

Fort Beaujour —The Fort Cumberland Historic Site, which is situated at the intersection of Canada’s natural and cultural history, is located on the border between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The castle depicts the wars between France and Britain in the 18th century and the subsequent conflict between the two great empires, America and Britain, for North American supremacy. Beauséjour Castle played an essential role in the rivalry between France and Britain in North America.

A pentagonal, star-shaped fort that the French constructed between 1751 and 1755 during their protracted conflict with the British for control of Acadia. After the British took control of the fort in 1755, they changed its name to Fort Cumberland, and it defended British interests in the Shignecto Strait until the early 1800s. Early in the American Revolution, a raid was repelled here in 1776 by British fort defenders. This location ranks among New Brunswick’s most significant military historical sites.

Take advantage of the many family-friendly activities at this historic location and enjoy your time together.

Through fascinating artifacts and exhibits, visitors can discover the poignant stories of immigrants, soldiers, and American sympathizers at this point in history.

Children can also dress up as “Gate Keepers” and patrol the castle’s crypts, cooperatives, and battlefields.

Furthermore, there are great opportunities for kite flying, bird watching, and picnicking at this site because of its open spaces.

Fort Beauséjour

Photo by: New Brunswick Tourism

Location: Historical landmark in Aulac, New Brunswick, Canada